Color theme and inspiration.

I’ve been wanting to do some good color themes for a while and inspiration finally hit, along with my sweet tooth. I’m pleased with how well this turned out!


This was fairly easy to do.


Use a white background (black clothing helps with the contrast) and if you want the shadow be sure to use your flash.

Editing in Photoshop (I preformed other adjustments but this are the main steps):

Jump a copy to a new layer then make it invisible.

Use a black & white adjustment layer- Max White (change to taste) on the bottom copy.

Make the top layer visible again. Add a layer mask to this layer and fill it with black. Next, use your paintbrush (with white as your color) and paint in the areas where you want the color to show through (you can also change opacity to change the color strength, this would work wonderfully on light hair!). I showed the pink hair, candy, lips, and eyes.

And done!


Taking this in a different direction.

I’m going in a new direction.

Instead of taking daily photos, I’ll be posting my photo projects. Taking random pictures everyday is a great challenge and can really develop and enhance your photographers eye but right now I find it distracting me from my more complicated projects. My interest really lies in artistic and portrait photographs and developing my lighting skills so I’ll be better served focusing on that than daily projects. Also I will be posting more tutorials!

15 of 365

More campus pics today. Both taken with the BIGlens iPhone app. Seriously can’t rave about this one enough, it’s THE best camera app I’ve found. Awesome.

If you leave a gate open…I’m going to come in and take pics, that’s how it works.


14 of 365

Nothing but lunch at the Boulevard to show you today!

13 of 365

I’m incredibly behind in posting the pics but I’m catching up!

On a rainy Saturday there are actually parking spots open at school! Such a rare sight :/

…and campus flooded a little…that was fun to trek through…

A friend’s birthday…pie? Hey, it was the flavor he wanted. Notice the flames, when your cake becomes a fire hazard, you are old 🙂

13 of 365- A Cinemagraph! The future of Photography.

Cinemagraphs excite me. That’s the bumper sticker I’m going to get for my car. Lately, I’ve been obsessed. Check out these incredible professional cinemagraphs at

With more and more print media like magazines crossing over into digital avenues like iPads, Nooks, and Kindles, this is the kind of photography we are going to be seeing more of and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂

Without further ado, my first cinemagraph:

More Campus Photos…12 of 365

Don’t get me wrong, I love magic hour just like any good little photographer would, but don’t forget that nice sunny days can cast wonderfully interesting shadows…